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Saturday, April 24, 2010

War is Peace, Ignorance is Strength, and Freedom is Slavery

The stories that pop up in the media late Friday and early Saturday from sources in government have consistent characteristics.  Many are trial balloons, and most are of such a nature that they represent transparency lite.  The government agents who release these stories want to claim plausibly that they dutifully informed the public of their actions or intentions, but they fail to acknowledge that the convenient timing of their information's release greatly diminishes public exposure and media coverage.

Print and electronic media businesses are primarily Monday through Friday operations.  Many fewer people avail themselves of media information on the weekend, and given the 24 hour news cycle, by Monday, weekend press releases are old hat.  Viola!  They have public disclosure and obfuscation simultaneously.

One of these limited exposure scams involves Government Motors.  The White House claimed that GM repaid taxpayers part of the money owed to the public.  However, they did not want us to know that they repaid the taxpayers with the taxpayers' own money.  Little wonder that Alexis de Tocqueville observed of us that the republic will endure until the government realizes that the people can be bribed with their own money.

In another similar travesty, O-buma claimed that nationalizing or stealing the US financial sector of our economy would end taxpayer funded bailouts of businesses that are economically non-viable.  If you believe that one, invest now in some earthquake proof real estate in Haiti.  As an aside, he urged lawmakers to pass his legislation quickly before it can be scrutinized.  Additionally, he mentioned in passing the likelihood that he and the Congressional Theftocrats will be wanting to send some more taxpayer funded welfare to the United Auto Workers.

This is just some of what the O-bumites are hiding.  In order to test public support the socialists' plans, we should allow two sets of parallel economic operations in this country, one with the all encompassing, smothering, safety net of government regulation, taxation, and strangulation and another with virtually no interference from agents of the state.  If the public flocked to the unregulated operations by voting with their dollars and feet, the mommy staters would have little basis for their claims and actions.

The parallel economic universes of the progressives' totalitarian regime and an almost unregulated economy with all of its potential perils would offer clear choices.  It would also unmask the mommy staters' basic philosophy.  They feel that with their omniscient wisdom and benevolent caring, they know best how everyone should live, oh and by the way, they want your money to fund their little schemes. 

Contrast this with a laissez faire approach that allows people to determine for themselves what to eat, wear, think, and feel, one in which we are individually and totally responsible for ourselves and our actions, able to choose our investments, and to decide how to plan for the future.  If the majority of citizens prefer a let-the-players-play approach, what does it say about those whose desperate needs to control others drives them to deny opportunities to those of us who wish to cast off the burdensome yoke of the progressives' government?

If we opt out of participating in welfare health care, social safety net programs, and the rest of their revenue enhancement schemes and abrogate any and all claims, rights, and privileges to their benefits, what motivations other than selfishness and greed can the progressives use to justify their confiscatory and oppressive style of government?  Thomas Paine had it right when he observed "that government is best which governs least."

In closing, this is about the racism-means-insufficient-pandering crowd.  Perhaps it will uncover the terrible and hopeless plight that US border control agents are having trying to thwart the hordes of Canadians who are bringing illegal drugs and lawless violence into the US.

May your gods be with you.

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