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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Education in America

It has not been just the laziness and ineptitude of far too many teachers that has caused education to fail in this country.  Greedy trial lawyers' use of frivolous lawsuits to establish demographic quotas for school suspensions has left educators with virtually no means to discipline unruly students. 

This is but one reason that we should support education vouchers for private schools.  It might be justified to respect, or at least take seriously, someone who shoves a gun into your face and robs you.  A person who pencil whips you deserves absolutely no respect.

On the topic of furtive and devious behavior, American universities are factories of progressive propaganda that champion the socialist, totalitarian, and fascist form of government that they have put into place.  These institutions foster the education colleges that produce classroom teachers who inculcate into unsuspecting children values, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that are consistent with progressives' ideals.  They are responsible for giving students diplomas that they cannot read.

These videos are two good examples of the products of American education.

It is a dreadful mistake to allow these people to bargain collectively.  Government unions are antithetical to public interest.  The reason for collective bargaining is to gain leverage against employers.  First, they are not employees; they are overhead.  Second, the leverage is against us, the taxpayers.  Now in Florida, we have the recently outed Communist Charlie Christ who, in an act of political groveling, vetoed proposed legislation that would have eliminated tenure and established merit pay for teachers.

This article and its video version offer 10 suggestions that will greatly improve academic achievement in the US.  These recommendations, along with removing political indoctrination from the curriculum, would go a long way toward improving education.  By the way, we should also end the practice of paying tenured professors to conduct ersatz research in Provence for three months each summer while graduate teaching assistants substitute for them in their classrooms.

May your gods be with you.

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