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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Assassins for Allah

The Islamafascists have an interesting brand of rhetoric.  It effectively persuades their followers to commit suicide in order to spend eternity with a bunch of virgins.  This sort of hustle is fairly common: it requires sacrifice today and offers rewards after death.  Hmmm...let me see now, buy some hurricane proof real estate and the purchase price will be refunded if you die in a hurricane.

Take a good look at the photo above.  The girl was the female subway bomber in Russia.  Notice the resemblance to drug gang members.  The Islamafascists are also gangs.  They are killing people for turf.  Hoodlums in Texas and California kill to control small geographic areas to use for drug sales.  Like carnivores in the wild, for them the territory is the food supply.  Jihadists are no different.

They covet two types of turf.  First, they want the US out of the Mideast; they want to take the oil producing regions for themselves.  The second is religious turf.  They use it for proselytizing in order to acquire new members to send on suicide missions.  They convince their followers, as do the members of drug gangs, that it is glorious to die in their tribe's turf wars.    

Now, Mexican drug gangs have largely taken over from their Columbian counterparts in exporting violence to the US.  The similarities between them and the religious gangs who exported violence to this country on September 11, 2001, are shocking.  We are still fighting a war against those cowards in Afghanistan.

Our efforts against the Columbian drug thugs were effective.  Hopefully, we can be equally successful with the other gangs in Mexico, Afghanistan, and Islam.

May your gods be with you.  

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