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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sharpton's Illegitimate Son

Barack Obama believes that racism is insufficient pandering for people with melanin-positive skin.  Apparently, the Empty Suit cannot comprehend that he embarrasses himself by advertising his sub par reasoning skills.  Prudence dictates that he should first establish that they deserve pandering at all, then discuss its sufficiency.  Part of the pandering that O-buma gives them comes by way of Injustice’s Eric Bumholder. 

Herds of His People are slithering through our cities committing murder, assault, robbery, rioting, and arson.  However, there has been no federal investigation into their use of smart phones to conspire with their intellectual and moral soul mates and to organize large-scale riots.  It seems that Ericobrack believes that crime is merely another entitlement program.

Rodney King?  Throw out the Constitution and subject his attackers to double jeopardy; forget the rule of law.  New Black Panther Putzes intimidating voters?  Fuggedaboudit!  Stonewall any investigation of the matter.  They deserve to be welfared through life because they have melanin-positive skin.

Lloyd Marcus points out that O-buma is not an embarrassment to his race; rather, he is an embarrassment to his nation.  It is so unfortunate that American black youths' ultimate role model is a characterless, race-baiting political hack.  So, are the O-bumites fomenting racial tension for political leverage?  Does the self-anointed One feel that race riots are acceptable collateral damage?  Well, let's just say, unquestionably, that Obama's Chicago thug vibe resonates.

Maybe O-buma Holder knows something that most of us do not.  Perhaps their cohorts in crime simply cannot do any better.  Possibly these low-intelligence hooligans are like pedophiles and are beyond rehabilitation.  If no better can be expected of these dimwitted sociopaths, why should the rest of us be obligated to enable them?  Serial pedophiles are permanently confined; the legal precedent is set.  Hunt down rioters and ostracize them from society through permanent incarceration.

Incarceration makes prisoners invisible to the larger society.  While invisibility must be a nightmare for the mommy-look-at-me rioters, O-buma is desperately trying to keep his past invisible.  There could be reasons for it.  Since none of O-buma’s childhood friends, classmates, former girlfriends, or students who took classes from him have emerged with anecdotal tales about him, his past seems a closely guarded secret.  He is hiding things.  Is it possible that O-buma is actually Al Sharpton’s illegitimate son?

May your gods be with you.

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