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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Enabling Parasites

Accountability gives Democrats performance anxiety.  The very thought of having their stated goals compared to the results of their actions makes them limp with dread.  Rather, Theftocrats prefer backdoor methods of entering taxpayers’ wallets, such as the rife with fraud Earned Income Tax Credit.  Their plan is to spread government dependence throughout the middle class so that most of the electorate participates in parasitism.    

Like the photo at left, Kleptocrats and their constituents are political strangler figs who feed on their hosts until they die.  “Kevorkian Economics” describes the bloated, self-serving political class as parasites feeding off the private sector of the economy.  The recent debt-ceiling debacle reveals that they are unwilling to curtail their appetite for the fruits of others’ labors.  Apparently, this group has made an implicit decision to kill its host.

The scheme is to extend and pretend.  It expands the bloodletting to support the parasites while feigning that efforts to relieve the object on which they feed are underway.  Tacitly, Corruptocrats’ position is this: the longer we can keep the host alive, the more we can plunder.  They are already committed to bankrupting the nation.  They just want to breed as many leeches as possible before the nation’s economic heart stops beating.  The progressive parasite richly deserves de-lousing.

Perhaps a good place to start the de-infestation would be with O-buma’s plans to add more welfare food programs to the already bloated national election collective.  John T. Bennett explains that the Community Eligibility Option is a plan to spread welfare dependency to all of the children in every school district in the nation, even those who are affluent or illegal aliens.  Part of the plan is to eliminate emotional consequences for the self-afflicted. 

A stated goal of the program is to eliminate the stigma of getting a free lunch; however, stigma separates dignified free people from wretched government dependents.  They plan to finish making schools one-stop welfare outlets with free breakfast, lunch, and snack programs for each student in every school which declares that 40% of their students are eligible for welfare.  The idea is to guide the children of self-sufficient achievers onto the welfare plantations.

O-buma wants to create a pervasive and permanent UK-type underclass of vicious, ungrateful, and shameless street thugs.  Largely, he and his lackeys have succeeded, as these hundred-plus recent incidents reveal.  What a shock that the pandering-to-panthers and facilitating-flash-mobs types would do this.  We are on the precipice of economic and societal collapse which the political class has chosen to accept so as to maximize their time in, and spoils from, office.           

When the party-of-theft has finished crashing and nationalizing the banking system, caused most Americans to be welfare dependent, made health care unaffordable, eliminated the second amendment to leave us defenseless, and established anarchy on the streets, urban looters will trigger nationwide riots that will finish the O-totalitarians’ plans for fundamentally changing America into a second-rate, third-world country.

May your gods be with you.      

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  1. Orchids are beautiful but many are parasites.


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