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Friday, August 12, 2011

Community Organizer: Commie Rabble Rouser

They hail the black commie rabble-rouser as The One Who Will Bring Us Together and then do the three wise monkeys when the Second Coming leads to Beat-Whitey Fridays all over the land.  What was sold as our salvation has proved our undoing.

This article by Takuan Seiyo deserves to be read in its entirety at Taki’s Magazine.  It discusses the deeds of THEY, or as paranoids know them, the Dreaded League of Them and They.  The two statements above are from the article, and they provide clues as to THEIR identity.

Unhindered by inconvenient facts or ethics, the self-anointed ruling class elite has poisoned the wellspring of our future, education.  Teaching critical thinking skills now entails emotional education that indoctrinates children to accept paganism, perversion, and prevarication.  We produce semi-literate students with Whole Language programs and then try to compensate for their inability to comprehend word problems with fuzzy math.

Fuzzy math is an unqualified failure.  Former math teacher Matthew Clavel describes his classroom experiences trying to teach non-math thusly.  The curriculum’s failure was undeniable: not one of my students knew his or her times tables, and few had mastered even the most basic operations; knowledge of multiplication and division was abysmal.  Nothing about Fuzzy Math makes much sense from a teaching standpoint.

Part of the problem with non-math is its reliance on cooperative education.  The belief is that children possess innate wisdom and can teach each others while…the adult formerly known as a teacher flutters over them.  This harms students least in well-to-do prep schools; however, when applied to undisciplined inner-city kids from single-mother families who live in violence torn federal housing projects, classrooms quickly become riotous.

Not-math's desired outcome is for children to have the proper state-mandated values and beliefs.  They are not required to demonstrate that they can perform a calculation and come up with a right answer.  Teachers using fuzzy math do not teach math.  Learning basic math through practice provides the necessary tools to solve more complex problems.

Unfortunately, students in these programs cannot master the fundamentals of math because they are not required to practice them.  The hours of logically linked lessons that old-style math classes spent on practicing operations so that they became second nature to students just are not there.  Devaluing math skills degrades the curriculum to the lowest level of potential achievement.

Basic math skills are also superfluous in schools that teach social justice math.  In such classrooms, probability lessons are used to raise awareness of racial profiling by exploring the probability that a traffic stop should be (and is) a person of color.  Geometry lessons look at how many liquor stores...are within a 1-mile radius or within 5 blocks of your schools compared to other schools; other geometry lessons tackle ‘environmental racism’ by having students determine the density of toxic waste facilities, factories, dumps, etc. in the neighborhood.  The agenda is political, not academic.

Perhaps STEM programs offer our best and final hope of resurrecting the educational tradition of training students to become future generations of scientists, engineers, researchers, and physicists.  What this justice education hustle has produced is that only 40% of fourth graders and 32% of eighth graders in 2009 tested proficient or better in math.  We are destroying ourselves from within in the name of giving ersatz self-esteem to the least intellectually gifted among us.

A certain marsupial once observed that we have met the enemy, and he is us.  THEY are us.  May your gods be with you.

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