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Friday, August 5, 2011

Animal Farm Revisited

According to G. Donovan Murphy, American politics would make [George] Orwell cringe today.  Socialists (née Marxists) see government as an all-purpose solution to the problems that they refuse to admit inventing.  Democratic socialists (née Keynesians) see government as a sort of battery operated magic wand, an economic and social Wizard of Oz.  Neither group represents the best interests of the people.

The government that they support is a failed experiment.  The fatal flaws of social democracy include promises that cannot possibly be kept; outlays that exceed income; the necessity for Orwellian mendacity; the absence of all moral hazards; and ultimately, a terminal erosion of the electoral process and democracy itself.

By now, sentient beings should realize that people who work for a living can no longer support those who vote themselves a living.  Taxpayer-funded and corrupt-politician created government union retirement schemes in California, New Jersey, Illinois, and other states reveal progressives’ gimme-mine-forget-you philosophy.  Propaganda justifying bankrupting states serves only parasites.  They are exploiting the fact that deadbeats can be bought with other people's money.

To point out that progressives’ official party line is a pack of lies is to state the obvious.  Spending your way out of debt is an oxymoron, a kind of logic that thrives only among civic knaves, politicians, and public employees.  No prudent banker will raise the credit limit for an insolvent cardholder.  We are unable to pay for the government dependence that Theftocrats created to extort votes from their constituents.  They are bankrupting the country and lying about it.   

Deceiving those who have already unquestioningly adopted a prepackaged collection of progressive values and beliefs is not difficult.  The proper Orwellian state requires a language of euphemisms…corruption of language is necessary for any successful fraud.  Mendacity is a standard kit for progressives.  They delight in conning people, proving how easy it is to lie to some people, especially liberals.

Lies are foundational in our legal and educational systems as well.  Lawyers and judges interpret the federal Constitution in ways that are so logically tortured that they should cause laughter to break out in courtrooms when they are articulated.  Another sordid example is that the city of Seattle has resurrected the separate-but-equal-doctrine to buy minority votes with the civil rights of others.  Educators excuse equating failure and success by claiming that commensurate consequences constitute the dreaded...STIGMA!

Deception also helps those who steal elections avoid bearing unwanted consequences.  One example is the New Black Panther Party members intimidating voters at polling stations with impunity.  Another is the investigation in Houston of massive election fraud that ended when the building housing gimmicked voting machines conveniently burned to the ground.  Federal prosecutors’ fraudulent prosecution and persecution that drove Senator Ted Stevens from office comes to mind also.  The American democratic republic seems largely nonexistent.

We are on a downward gyre in which cupidity and self-interest…thrive at the expense of the common good.  Immoral politicians represent amoral constituents.  This crisis was created by a bovine electorate and a porcine federal government—a horrible model that actually cultivates social pathologies for political purposes.  The pigs have killed and eaten the farmer.  All hail Napoleon and Squealer!

May your gods be with you.

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  1. A brilliant essay, Empress. The takers are about to out number the producers. Game Over!


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