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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What We Get for Our Money

Theftocrats have moved to nationalize one industry after another.  However, there has been no need to nationalize the abortion industry because it sprang into existence, fully formed, as a Government Sponsored Entity named Planned Parenthood.  To attach the word parenthood to this operation is on the order of calling the Nazi guards at Auschwitz ‘life coaches.’

Neologisms and euphemisms are intrinsic elements of Big Abortion’s rhetoric.  They have tried to de-humanize unborn babies with the term fetuses.  They call euthanizing viable children late term abortions.  They like to refer to abortion as health care; unfortunately, it is most unhealthy for children.  Planned Parenthood should be renamed Avoiding Consequences.

This article exposes former Kansas Attorney General Stephen Six as someone who is unworthy of his nomination to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.  He has been a lackey for death merchants.  As such, his dubious integrity calls into question whether he is fit to judge legal arguments based on the principle of the rule of law. 

Six’s track record and the specious reasoning he employed in his Senate hearings has resulted in a delay of his nomination and the opposition of his two home state Senators — a rare occurrence in the Kansas world of politics.

Six was state attorney general when Kathleen Sebelius was governor of Kansas.  She is both an abortion industry supporter and a recipient of abortion’s generosity.  In apparent gratitude, she vetoed a law passed by the Kansas legislature that regulated late term and partial-birth abortion, procedures that end the lives of viable children. 

Another article observes of Sebelius that her record tells us that she will consistently support the abortion industry, even if it means abandoning the needs of women, and apparently those of children as well.

Partial-birth abortion is a particularly grisly business.  The child is delivered in the breach position except for the top of the skull.  The abortionist punctures the skull with a scalpel, scrambles the brains, and suctions the brain out of the cranial cavity.  The dead child is placed back into the mother, delivered in the customary manner, and discarded as medical waste.

Another article—anyone who is even slightly uncomfortable with abortion ought to read it—deeply explores Sebelius’s mindset and tactics.  Facilitating these practices has been the business of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, former Attorney General Steven Six, who acted as de facto defense counsel for the abortion industry while still attorney general, and abortionists-for-hire Planned Parenthood.

In a criminal prosecution brought against Planned Parenthood and abortion provider Dr. George Tiller, Attorney General Stephen Six offered the legal claim that only those who can't prosecute can have the evidence — while those who can prosecute cannot have the evidence, Catch-22.

Some of the speciously reasoned medical justifications for late term and partial-birth abortions sanctioned by Six, Sebelius et al were so that the child’s mother could compete in a rodeo, to avoid hiring a babysitter while she attended rock concerts, and to attend a prom.  Actually, the abortion industry seems more about the money than anything else.

The taxpayers’ annual burden for Planned Parenthood is $350 million.  To understand the mercenary aspect of this business, consider the case of one individual, Kristin Neuhaus.  Kansas law requires two doctors to confirm that each abortion performed is necessary. 

Neuhaus was Tiller’s second ‘confirming’ doctor...a laser hair technician in north central Kansas.  Dr. Neuhaus rarely saw Dr. Tiller's patients.  She would periodically drive to Tiller's clinic to sign form letters designed by Tiller's lawyers, which stated 'I find the mother will suffer substantial and irreversible impairment of a major bodily function.  In testimony, she could not recall her individual diagnoses, nor could she name any single patient she rejected for an abortion.  Tiller paid her $300 a letter.    

Tiller’s abortion factory had little regard for the well-being of children or the sanctity of life.  The investigation further revealed that during a time period when 166 abortions in Kansas were performed on underage children (10-14 years old), that Dr. Tiller and Planned Parenthood each only reported one case of child rape.  That girls aged 10-14 were pregnant is prima facie evidence of child rape.

Hiding evidence that young girls have been raped is tacit approval of inexcusable acts.  This is only additional evidence that there is nothing so cruel, immoral, selfish, or greedy that the O-bumites will not stoop to it in their quest to buy votes from their amoral constituents.

May your gods be with you.

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