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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Subsidizing Social Disaster

The doctrine of Pandering Cowardice is a vile mashup of propaganda and censorship that is promulgated throughout the land by the national education collective, enforced by Eric "My People" Bum-Holder's Injustice Department, and used as a cudgel in civil courts by cadres of shysters to harass and intimidate those who notice that progressivism’s emperor is naked.

Jim Goad’s article “The Memorial Day Mobs” in Taki’s Magazine discusses flash mobs.  Notice the subtle differences between his examples of black and white flash mobs.  Last Memorial Day, roving gangs in multiple American cities came so unglued that massive police intervention was required to shut down activities at beaches, water parks, and street festivals after sociopaths used cell phones--why is the FCC so uninterested?--to organize their rape, pillaging, and plundering of innocents.

•    Decatur, AL at a family oriented water park
•    Milwaukee, WI
•    Long Beach, NY
•    Rochester, NY
•    Chicago, IL, Rahm Emanuel’s city
•    Myrtle Beach, SC
•    Boston, MA
•    Charlotte, NC
•    Miami, FL, Urban Beach Weekend

All of this took place on Memorial Day, 2011.  Only the deliriously na├»ve can believe that this is mere coincidence.

In Kansas City last April, between 700 and 900 juveniles invaded the Country Club Plaza…one white couple reportedly being robbed while the husband was thrashed by an estimated 15 ‘youths’ at once.  Right, the parents of 900 juveniles had no idea what their children were doing.

At the Iowa State Fair last August, a roaming black mob numbering 30-40 loudly announced it was Beat Whitey Night.  A police report described a large fight with black male and female juveniles assaulting white citizens.

Over the past few years, there has also emerged a pattern of all-black smash-and-grab robberies in places such as Atlanta, Saint Paul, Washington, D.C., New York, and Chicago.

All of this is the result of parents abandoning their child rearing responsibilities and dumping the raising of their children onto Head Start and the public schools.  This allows teens to socialize other teens in a culture of conscienceless unaccountability.  School administrators apply demographics based and ineffective quota systems to deal with violent offenders.  Lax and nonexistent law enforcement and state attorneys general whose prosecutions are demographically determined facilitate self-proclaimed victims victimizing the helpless with impunity.

Single parent families are much more likely to produce violent children who drop out of high school; undereducated people tend to commit violent crimes more so than college graduates.  By subsidizing this, we have created a self-perpetrating downward gyre of wasted humanity.  It is a failed experiment.

African Americans in general cannot be rightly blamed for these phenomena any more than Muslims should suffer because of Jihadist bombers; however, it is time for change.  So, who could be benefiting from this social disaster?  School officials use it to justify calling for more counselors, advisers, sociologists, psychologists, and aides to bloat the size of their bureaucracies.

Police departments that devalue crime prevention in favor of ex post facto crime solving that artificially inflates crime statistics in order to feather-bed their government unions with skewed statistics benefit also.

In general, corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, and the shiftless, feckless parents who are their clients are responsible for this mess, and innocent taxpayers are taking it on the chin.

May your gods be with you.

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