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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Leftist Jackboots and a Nation in Peril

The Hun is within the city walls.  The O-bumites have assembled a collection of Hate-America traitors and saboteurs who are striving relentlessly to dismantle the nation.  Unemployment is 9.1%, and this article reveals that O-buma thinks that this is too low.  To help push us farther down the slippery slope of national ruin, the genius in the White House has nominated John Bryson, a progressive who advocates global wealth redistribution and climate justice for all, to head the Commerce Department.

He is a co-founder of the National Resources Defense Council, perhaps the most anti-energy, anti-growth progressive group on the planet.  His anti-free market philosophies are consistent with what the Obama administration is doing by restricting offshore drilling and drilling in places like ANWR.

Bryson supports renewable energy mandates, a carbon tax hiding behind cap-and-trade legislation, a global redistribution of wealth, fighting climate change and restricting domestic development of our vast fossil fuel resources. He is President Obama's ideal nominee, and he is a saboteur who hopes to stall our economic engine.

Investor’s Business Daily points out to the progressive Luddites who are the architects of our economic decline that It’s the Policy, Stupid.  With GDP growing at an anemic 1.8% in the first quarter and a similar performance anticipated for the second, a double dip recession is looming.  The economy is simply not producing enough jobs to pull us out of our economic malaise.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, O-buma’s malicious meddling has cost the economy over $760 billion in lost economic output in the past two years — and millions of jobs—can anyone believe this is by accident?  By failing to alleviate the uncertainty businesses are feeling, Washington continues to stifle hiring," said Chamber of Commerce economist Martin Regalia.  

That businesses are not expanding and hiring new workers is a damning indictment of Obama's big-spending, high-debt, Keynesian strategy.  [It] has emerged as one of the great failures of economic policy-making in modern times.  Could all of O-buma's highly educated policy wonks be so feckless and inept, or is this situation contrived?

Theftocrats’ economically treasonous ways are acts of both omission and commission.  They continue to press their collective jackboot on the throat of the nation’s producers with confiscatory taxation and oppressive regulation at a time when it appears that we are slipping into another recession.  The Washington Times argues that helpful steps could be taken.  How is it that there are 77,000 federal employees who earn more than the country’s governors?

O-buma could use his executive privilege to decrease the compensation packages of the top 5% of federal bureaucrats by 20% and lower the pay of the next 5% by 10%.  A prudent government would eliminate and de-fund the federal departments of Education, Energy, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.  Doing this would significantly decrease deficit spending.

The Education Department is illegal.  The Constitution’s enumerated powers do not authorize the federal government to regulate education.  The Department of Energy was created to end America’s dependence on foreign oil.  It is a failed experiment.  As for HUD, consider Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s highly successful welfare housing programs.

Ah, but The One will not act for the country's benefit; he will continue to fiddle as he causes the nation to burn.  His aura of incompetence obfuscates his schemes to devolve America into a second-rate, third-world country, to punish us for being the most successful democratic experiment in history.  Thus is the O-bumatrons’ Hopenchange.

May your gods be with you.

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