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Monday, February 7, 2011

Coming Soon: Ration Cards for Political Discourse

Of course you are guilty.  The state would not expend the resources to investigate, arrest, and try you if you were not.

The voices are starting to mount.  They are issuing a clarion call to warn of the intentions of O-buma's Fascista to censor free speech on the Internet.  The Washington Times has exposed Barack's Bullies' schemes to create Internet Pharaoh Obama by squelching inconvenient dissent on the Web.  In the name of protecting unfettered communication, they want to appoint a cadre of inept bureaucrats with suspect motives to control, regulate, and ration the liberty of uncensored expression.

Concerning this thinly guised Web takeover, the referenced editorial asserts that "the slow moving entities of the federal government are least capable of responding to fast-paced, evolving technology threats...companies have more of an incentive to protect their billion dollar investments than '9 to 5' bureaucrats with guarantied lifetime employment."  The same group of dullards who have woefully mismanaged the economy want to mismanage liberty by rationing free political speech.

Despite the fact that "Congress specifically exempted the Internet from regulation by the Federal Communications Commission...the Obama administration remains committed to getting its hands on the private infrastructure that serves as the backbone of online discourse."  One way to gain control of it is to make it inaccessible.  Theftocrat Thugs are trying to force Internet users to have a national online identification card that will prevent "anonymous Web commentary."

The Obamatrons poo poo objections to national ID cards by claiming that participation will be strictly voluntary.  When Social Security was first implemented, it was a voluntary program also.  This is merely a ruse; it is standard issue Corruptocrat incrementalism.  Once their collective foot is in the door, no American will be allowed to access the Internet without federal approval and supervision, and another avenue to discuss and criticize the acts of government agents in a public forum will be closed forever.

To eliminate speech is to eliminate the thoughts that it expresses.  Censorship is almost always unjustifiable.  Former Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart observed that "censorship reveals society's lack of confidence in itself.  It is a hallmark of an authoritarian regime."

One enduring trait of the Totalitarian Theftocrats is that "they want to maintain power by any means necessary.  No politician should ever be given a button to silence the Internet.  That rule applies as much to Washington as to Cairo," because when people surrender liberty, it is almost impossible to regain it.

May your gods be with you.

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