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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Theftocrats Have Left the Building and Taken Democracy with Them

Corruptocrats in Wisconsin and Indiana have proved their mettle once again, showing that they simply cannot bear to be treated as they treat others.  Faced with certain defeat, they have chosen to slink away with their tails tucked between their legs and find someplace to hide.

Collectively they lack the capacity for shame or embarrassment.  They lack shame because they lack morals, and without morals the only constraint on their behavior is the potential for punishment.  Their constituents will not punish them because they are moral twins.  There will be no legal punishment because the Fleebaggers have gone to cower in states that have Theftocrat governors who are their moral equivalents.  Catch-22.

Michelle Malkin points out in her article "Fleebaggers: The New Cut and Run Democrats" that they are like "Monty Python's Brave Sir Robin and his band of quivering knights, these elected officials have only one plan when confronted with political hardship or economic peril, run away, run away, run away."  The voters "have spoken...they put Republican adults in charge to clean up profligate Democrat-engineered messes.  Instead of defending their same old tax-hiking, union protecting, spending addicted ways, Democrats are crossing their state borders into big government sanctuary zones screaming--'la, la, la, we can't hear you' all the way.  Real people would simply be too embarrassed.

In the same vein, Heather Chadwick points out in her article "Indiana Lawmakers Flee to Avoid Vote" that in "an attempt to block a law from passing that prohibits employees from having to pay union dues...Democratic lawmakers from Indiana are fleeing the state.  Leaving the state to delay legislation doesn't do much but delay progress."  These legislators are desperate to continue garnishing workers' wages, but why?  Because unless this group of politicians can continue gouging unwilling workers to line FleePAC coffers, they will be unable to purchase re-election with money earned by the sweat of other people's brows.   

These charlatans have taken democracy hostage.  The old high tax, deficit spending, featherbedding, bloated compensation, anti-meritocracy, stiff the taxpayers, rip off unborn generations system is broken and cannot be fixed.  The voters have spoken; it is time for new leadership and methods.  Unfortunately, the Theftocrats and their ideological and moral soul mates are not merely slinking away from legislation that calls them to account for their transgressions; revealingly, they are slinking away from the national sacrifice that is necessary to turn around America.  They hope to continue riding in the wagon while the others do the work of pulling it.

May your gods be with you.

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