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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rights? You Bet!

Lately, the bobbleheads in the compliant and complicit mainstream media have been airing their views on what they refer to as workers' rights.  Forget for the moment the workers' part of the phrase workers' rights since it is merely an adjective that identifies what sort of rights.  The meaty part of this phrase is the term rights.  So, what does this word mean in this context?

Often when they are presenting their demands for other people's resources, government unionists claim that it is their right to do this; however, when pressed for an explanation, they usually resort to claiming that their rights are God-given.  This claim is intended to obscure the fact that they were actually purchased from corrupt politicians.  There will be more on this specious reasoning later.  When it is used in this manner, the word right is a misnomer, or an inappropriate designation.  In fact, it is simply a privilege, or entitlement, that has been granted by agents of the state.  The state is permanently in the business of granting and taking away privileges to and from others.

Some of these agents of the state are politicians, and they have given themselves the privilege of appropriating, or confiscating, other people's money.  As it has been noted here earlier, the politicians give some of the money that they take to the government unionists who take their cut of the loot and give some of it back to the politicians, and quicker than one can shout "thieving bast**ds, they have exercised their self-given privilege of buying another election with, you guessed it, other people's money.  The morals of this process leave something to be desired.
Still, some of us are paying attention and demand some justification for all of this chicanery.  They use the term rights, but it smells quite a lot like bribery.  To digress for a moment, consider what a slick scam it is to give oneself the legal privilege of issuing bribes with other people's money.  In order to divert attention away from their motives, they try to dress up this mess in something holy by claiming that their actions have been authorized by the almighty.

Let's see here.  They claim that their version of a god, an entity with whom it is impossible to consult and verify their outrageous claims, has granted them permission to hustle taxpayers.  How very convenient for them.  This is the very sort of argument that the Islamafascists used; they claimed that their god authorized them to commit mass murder in New York.  Speaking of New York, up there they would say it something like this: rights, hah gotcher rights!

May your gods be with you.

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