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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Their Legacy is Blatant Vote Buying

Contrary to Obamatrons' beliefs, housing is not a right bequeathed by the almighty.  Nor is it a right created by government fiat.  In some parts of the US, it is a privilege granted by government agents who enjoy lifetime employment in return for their skills at giving away others' resources.  Government housing guarantees are one of the prime causes of the recent financial, economic, and housing meltdown, and even longtime supporter Barney Frank, Socialist MA, is calling for their "abolition."  Here are some plausible arguments against entitlement housing.

If taxpayer funded housing provides temporary shelter to help people who have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own get back on their feet, the  public may benefit.  The benefit is realized when workers rejoin the workforce, become self-sufficient, and resume paying taxes to help support the government.  Lifetime subsidies of public housing should exist only for the totally and permanently disabled.

Federally funded housing projects should be torn down in order to make way for private developments of housing, offices, and shopping districts that provide tax money to state and local governments.  This urban blight can be removed and replaced with housing vouchers from the federal section 8 program that funds housing in existing apartment communities and other approved places.  Doing this would support the sagging housing industry, increase tax revenues, and, perhaps more importantly, dismantle some crime fiefdoms.

As they exist now, many public housing projects are havens for drug dealers, prostitutes, child exploiters, illegal aliens, and violent offenders.  Subsidizing crime by providing hidey-holes for predators who prey on weak and vulnerable members of society is a slap in the face to every taxpayer who believes that it is the legitimate role of government to protect the weak from the strong.  Some advances in this direction have been accomplished in Atlanta, although much is still to be done.

The primary function of federal housing projects today is to cluster together Theftocrat supporters so that they can trade their votes for permanent entitlements.

May your gods be with you.

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