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Sunday, May 2, 2010

One Nation, Under O-buma

Members of the Loopy Left like to imply guilt by association to George W. Bush by identifying events that took place "under Bush."  Well, now we have a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico "under O-buma" that seems to have been aided and abetted by federal officials' tardy response.

Could this have been an intentional act of sabotage committed by some of O-buma's econuts who are passionately opposed to energy production in the Gulf?  Is this merely a pretext for a comprehensive greening of America enforced by the EPA and federal Department of Energy?  The tree huggers have prevented all attempts to build new oil refineries since the 1970's; the lapdog press has made nuclear energy into a pariah, and now it's this.  Conspiracy theorists such as the Truthers should be licking their chops.  

Why did it go relatively unnoticed in this country that in 2006 China supplanted the US as the world's premier producer of greenhouse gases?  Say, doesn't that mean that we lowered our emissions "under Bush?"  

Now, under O-buma we have narrowly and through sheer good fortune avoided a massive car bombing in Times Square.  If it were not for the car bombers' ineptitude, a significant part of that location would look like 9-11's ground zero.  Under the genius messiah we can all feel safe.

Apparently, all of the whining and simpering that the Congressional pinkos created over the Patriot Act was just their typical hypocrisy.  They have controlled both houses of Congress and the White house for well over a year and have not repealed it.  If the Patriot Act is still the law of the land, it is because they want it that way. 

The Clown-in-Chief claims to support private enterprise; here is an O-bumite type entrepreneur.  Notice the keen intelligence exuding from his mug shot.  Perhaps the prevaricator-in-chief should be faulted for allowing this to happen or fostering a climate in which it could occur.  Does the shoe bind when it is on the other foot?
May your gods be with you.

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