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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Don't go away Angry, just go away

No longer can we afford to embrace the "tired...poor...huddled masses."  We have grown tired of illegal aliens, especially those among their number who are terrorists, drug dealers, and weapons smugglers.  We have had enough of Congressional Theftocrats' importing welfare recipients making us poor as they enhance the size of their bureaucratic fiefdoms.

We also have enough huddled masses in our ghettos, barrios, housing projects, trailer parks, taxpayer subsidized housing units, and crack holes to last us through this millennium.  As if the situation with jackpot babies were not sufficiently burdensome to citizens, we also have a legal loophole fostered by Hilarious Clinton and the rest of the Loopy Left that allows miscreant citizens and other would-be dismantlers of the republic to import terrorists through sham marriages.

Never fear, Brick-a-Brack O-buma is here.  He and his ideological and intellectual twin who heads the Department of Homeland Security are truly on top of the situation.  They stand ready to condemn insurance companies, Wall Street executives, and Tea Party activists as dire threats to the nation; however, when it comes to Islamic Fundamentalism's jihad against America, not so much.

At least the would-be Times Square bomber was merely a lone assassin.  Yes, and the Warren Commission found that Oswald was a lone gunman.
 May your gods be with you.

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