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Friday, September 9, 2011

Obama's Failed Experiment

America's permanent welfare class has launched a new, post-flash-mob method of sponging directly from taxpayers that eschews stealing via corrupt politicians who take their own cut of the mordida.  This is a natural evolution of the now defunded ACORN-style theft.  Without taxpayer subsidies, the grifter organization folded its tent, leaving thousands of professional apartment squatters, shoplifters, addicts, pickpockets, and prostitutes with no use for their abundant spare time.  Now, they no longer need the thinly guised pretense of a national organization; their former members can engage directly in bloodsucking without contributing to a parent society.   

The remains of that society still exists within the Democratic Party, populated by academics, cultural Marxists, environmental wackos, progressives, radical feminists, socialists, and totalitarians.  These secular evangelists believe that their theft-by-proxy religion is a holy cause.  Enamored of the promise of a utopian society and aided by a complicit mainstream media, leftist ideologues constantly assail free-market capitalism, the Constitution, religion, and individual responsibility.  Their actions are rooted in and justified by a dogmatic ideology.  Their ideology is a charade providing a self-serving presumption of moral superiority to others.

These left-wing elites have enthusiastically enslaved themselves to a cause that will prove their undoing and dismantle the republic.  They are John Kerry, Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Warren Buffett, George Soros, Garrison Keillor, Ben Bernanke, Michael Moore, Oprah, and the other blathering bobbleheads in the lapdog media.  They promote mutually assured mediocrity by legislating equal outcomes for unequal productivity and replacing serendipitous variety with rigidly enforced hierarchal diversity.  They revere multiculturalism and devalue their own culture; they have imposed oppressive systems on themselves; they have catapulted an inexperienced, underequipped, indecisive, conniving, awkward, sinister, spiteful man—Barack Obama—to the US presidency.

This is the man who would by now have created millions of green jobs, single-handedly stopped the oceans from rising, and kept unemployment below 8% except for a band of 70 Tea Party bullies who keep tugging cruelly at his tutu as he tries to convince the public that if we just keep conducting the failed experiment that is Barack Obama, someday, somehow, somewhere he will eventually get it right.  Now, he wants another stimulus.

Just shut up, Obama.  When he launches into his teleprompter enhanced, deliriously self-absorbed, elitist pieties, his chief of staff should grab him by his tie and slap his face until he stops talking down at Americans as though we are simplistic children who need to be nagged and lectured until we are illuminated by his omniscience.  This Wall Street Journal article exposes the glaring flaws in O-buma’s latest excuse for borrowing another half-trillion dollars to fund yet another stimulus swindle.

If President Obama's economic policies have had a signature flaw, it is the conceit that…by spending more on this program or cutting that tax for a year, Washington can manipulate the $15 trillion U.S. economy to grow.  He now admits the damage that overregulation can do, though he can't do much to stop it without repealing his own legislative achievements.  He now acts as if he believes that taxes matter to investment and hiring, at least for the next year.  And he now sees the wisdom of fiscal discipline, albeit starting only in 2013, just after his increasingly unlikely re-election.

Team Obama is a one-trick pony whose trick does not work.  O-buma believed that he could be all things to all people through Robbing Hood progressivism.  The pony broke his leg trying to dance too cleverly.  In 2012, he will be put out to pasture.

May your gods be with you.

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