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Friday, September 2, 2011

Diversity Debacle

Democrats’ diversity swindle is welfare; it is also the antithesis of meritocracy.  Although they lead one to believe otherwise, this is not the sort of diversity in which flora and fauna engage in nature’s impartial Darwinian struggle to exist and evolve. Instead, it is operated by government elitists who exterminate viable entities to provide sustenance for their constituent fungi. 

This euphemistic substitution of the term diversity for welfare is an example of censorship.  Censorship is cowardice in the face of inconvenient information.  O-tolitarians prefer this form of lying because the kernel of accuracy in it gives them plausible deniability while simultaneously broadcasting their propaganda in media-friendly terms.  

The Censorcrats are planning to muzzle free Internet speech with their ownership diversity and localism swindles.  Without their Wizard of Oz-like curtain of euphemisms to divert attention away from their schemes, they reveal themselves as oppressively selfish and insatiably greedy messiah wannabes.  They are desperate to censor Internet bloggers who continue to expose their alleged altruism as sleight-of-hand fleecing of earners in favor of lifelong non-earners.

Progressive censors want to stifle Internet dissent because the Web is an open marketplace of ideas competing for acceptance and viability.  There is the rub; the Web is a philosophical, ideological, and political meritocracy in which progressive arguments advocating a One World Welfare State cannot compete against libertarians’ free market principles of individual responsibility and accountability.

Individual accountability is the mortal enemy of Kleptocrats’ special interest herds.  They depend upon those herds’ blind obedience to follow their leaders over the cliffs of consequence without thinking about why they are doing it.  Progressive arguments are invariably the-sky-is-falling emotional appeals.  Rationally deliberating and scrutinizing their arguments—also known as thinking—and comparing them to available alternatives exposes those claims as unsustainable.  Therefore, nationwide censorship is crucial for them; to succeed, they must prevent voters from thinking.

The mainstream media’s self-censoring eunuchs are already obscuring and minimizing progressive political, economic, and social failures in an ACORN-style revival of the Committee to RE-Elect the President (CREEP).  Education unions are jealously guarding their place at the public trough by bleating re-election slogans, censoring speech, and controlling thought in public schools and universities.  Hence, the Internet, the last bastion of free speech, is under attack by progressive Communication Cowards attempting to prevent members of the Blogosphere from gathering electronically to criticize government corruption, ineptitude, and myopia.

When it comes to the public’s legal, social, economic, and political resources, progressives invariably prove that they simply cannot be trusted alone with a $100 bill, an unlocked liquor cabinet, or someone else’s spouse.  When they had the ephiphany of discovering The Way, they abandoned all pretense of having self-restraint.

This is an Achilles heel, and libertarians should learn from it.  They simply cannot help themselves; they are unable to keep their grabby hands off others’ resources.  The national debt proves that their greed is so overwhelming that they will imperil even themselves to feast on the fruits of other people’s labors.  This video shows how progressives can be hoist by their own petard.

May your gods be with you.   

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