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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Charging for Screwing

The photo at the left shows a kiosk in Bonn, Germany, that vends one-day work permits to prostitutes.  Perhaps this idea should be expanded.
PJ O’Rourke was correct; government is truly a Parliament of Whores.  Rather than enabling bureaucrats to continue vampiring wage earners, US taxpayers should learn from the German model.  Instead of singling out the just the commercial girls, we should require a permit, or license, for everyone who wants to enjoy the privilege of government service.  Given the number of people who are currently drawing government paychecks, government employment is clearly desirable.  Taxing that which is desirable is a centuries old tradition.  Think of it as union dues collected by the Taxpayers’ Guild.
At just $1 a day for a license to work for taxpayers, the potential windfall from each member of the executive, judicial, and legislative branches of federal, state, and local governments could soon retire the national debt.  After all, they are screwing the public, so why not make them pay for the privilege?  If we can tame the beast that we have created by shortening its tentacles, why can we not establish zones that are government-free altogether?
Since O-buma and his O-tolitarian soul mates want to tax and regulate everything from the air that we breathe, the words that we speak, to our beliefs and thoughts, we deserve sanctuary areas where we are free from state harassment.  We could designate them as No Hooking Zones, not meaning prostitution, but in the sense of being hooked into doing things that encroach on our own little patches of personal space.
Granted, these zones could be dangerous, but every major metropolitan area in the country has lawless neighborhoods in which even its residents are afraid to venture outside at night.  Today, even so-called civilized areas of cities are subjected to murdering, pillaging, and plundering by rabid-baboon-like flash mobs.  The new regulation-free areas could be like Tea Party run gated communities.
Imagine a laissez faire themed amusement park like a water world without the water, or a dizzy town without minimum wage workers in animal costumes.  Limiting admission to adults 25 or older, charging a moderate fee for entry, and imposing a do-no-harm code of conduct could create a lucrative niche in the entertainment park industry that has few, if any, outlets exclusively for grown-up-big-people.  This sort of park would be so attractive and draw so many customers that, you guessed it; government would soon license, tax, and regulate it.
May your gods be with you.


  1. Check out Charles Murray's "In Our Hands." It has an interesting take on how to deal with government largess. Jerry Pournelle had the additional notion that if your primary source of income is government income, you should not have the right to vote. Of course that'll never happen, either, but what the heck. There are interesting notions everywhere.


  2. A brilliant idea! Who can we get to promote it in Congress?

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