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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ending the American Experiment

Economic malaise aggravated by unsustainable fiscal imprudence helped usher Adolph Hitler into power.  Similarly, in 2008 when political moderates joined progressive statists to scapegoat the very people who had warned that the welfare housing bubble would burst, a modern fascist emerged.  Ignore, if possible, that Barack Obama has melanin positive skin; he is merely a newer brand of fascist in the model of the black power movement circa 1965.  

Fascism is fascism.  Fascists need a hated other to vilify and to focus the public’s rage and resentment upon as the cause of all current ills.  For Obama, it is successful white business people; for Hitler it was gypsies, gays, and Jews; for Spain’s Franco, it was communists; for Pol Pot, it was Western tainted Cambodians.  Fascists hire hooligans to intimidate and brutalize opponents.  Hitler had his brownshirts, Benito Mussolini had his black shirts, Mao Tse-tung used Red Brigades, and Obama has his public and private sector union goons, flash mobs, NBPP street scum, and the US Department of Justice.

Totalitarianism is essential to fascism.  The rulers seize all resources and dispense legal, social, economic, and political opportunities to the governed on an hierarchal basis, by race, creed, religion, gender, national origin, and the like.  Aryans succeeded under Hitler’s final solution, Russian elites benefited from Stalin’s pogroms, and welfare recipients, jihadists, drug dealers, and nanny staters prosper under Obama.  Thanks to Team Obama, we are in the throes of economic malaise compounded by fiscal imprudence that appears to presage totalitarian takeover through martial law.

The feds are nearly finished nationalizing the banks.  Their not-too-subtly-engineered economic collapse through exponentially bloating the welfare state will justify seizing all private retirement funds.  Goodwin Liu-type quislings are gaining control of the judicial branch of government.  The police are no longer constitutionally constrained. 

Under martial law, warrantless searches and seizures will be the norm; individual ownership of weapons and land will be federally banned.  Failure to confess to a crime will continue to constitute the crime of obstruction of justice.  Mere accusation of wrongdoing will be construed as proof of guilt.  We will soon have to choose between living on our knees or dying on our feet.

Prepare to be Assaulted,” warns that we should take heed of the coming reign of authoritarianism. While tyrannical behavior by this government is already evident, it can get much worse.  We are not far away from patrolling drones watching our every move, if in fact that is not already a policy in place or being planned.  We are not far away from a global war, one that would expediently assure Obama’s re-election.  As this government continues to spiral out of control, these things become more possible, and more probable.

What a surprise it will be for fourth generation lifetime welfare recipients to learn that they are superfluous to the coming government and it no longer needs to bother with buying their votes with others’ resources.  What a shock it will be for effete pseudointellectual academics to find themselves in the same circumstances as Cambodian academics under the Khmer Rouge.  It will be equally shocking when we learn that our intransigence, greed, apathy, and mindless obedience to authority have led us to the sort of life described here.

Voltaire observed that it dangerous to be right when the government is wrong. 

May your gods be with you.

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  1. I wrote in a post the other day that Greece will soon default on its debts and that will bring on a recession in Europe and in the US and this would likely occur before the elections. I said there is no way Obama gets re-elected in that case. However, if the recession on top of all of Obama's rhetoric of class and race warfare leads to massive demonstrations and violence in the streets, Obama is nuts enough to declare martial law and call off the elections. I don't like thinking about that possibility.


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