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Saturday, May 14, 2011

In Bed with the O-bumites? You Bet!

The Washington Post's reputation as an H. L. Mencken-type champion of the little guy, the poor, and the oppressed has taken a bit of a drubbing lately.  It has come to light that the Post owns Kaplan University.  Kaplan is a for profit university that has been accused by members from both aisles of Congress of exploiting economically disadvantaged students by saddling them school loans that they cannot repay in return for promises of non-existent jobs.

Kaplan is also a very profitable jewel in the Gray Lady's financial crown.  Post Chairman Donald Graham has had little to say in defense of Kaplan's actions.  However, Alan Carnuba's article "The Screwed Generation" reveals that the O-bumites' hopey-changey thing has been more like the green weenie for recent and soon to be college graduates.

Carnuba says that [t]oday’s college graduates are thoroughly screwed. According to Matthew Segal, the president of a non-profit membership organization called Our Time, “With 85% of college graduates moving back home and an average debt of $22,900 per student, thousands are staring at a bleak economic future.” 

Aren’t these the eager, besotted youngsters who, at age 18, voted for Barack Hussein Obama as if he were the Second Coming? In the words of Herman Cain, a GOP presidential contender, how did that work out?

Post Chairman Graham, a former police officer, was also questioned by one of his shareholders as to his opinion of Barack O-buma inviting a rapper to the White House to chant a tribute to a cop killer (the Post ran an article defending this act).  Graham plead the fifth and refused to comment.  This silence seems to be Graham's tacit approval of O-buma, the rapper, the cop killer, and Kaplan's apparent shafting of the poor.

The Post story about the rapper said, “Critics were swift to pinpoint lyrics that support such controversial figures as Assata Shakur, a Black Liberation Army leader who was convicted in 1977 of killing a New Jersey state trooper.  On the other side, [the rapper] Common’s defenders asserted that such songs are civic-minded protests of corrupt law enforcement and unjust legal proceedings.

Asked to explain this printed defense of a tribute to a cop-killer, Graham again declined to get involved. “We are obviously not going to comment on any given news story in today’s paper…”  What a shock.

Graham also clammed up and refused to say which members of the U.S. Senate and House he had personally lobbied in order to forestall federal regulations affecting Kaplan, a Post subsidiary and for-profit education business that had been contributing operating funds to the money- and circulation-losing Post newspaper. Kaplan has been under fire, even from the Obama Administration and liberal Democrats, for allegedly conning students into taking out federal loans for a worthless education or non-existent jobs. These federal payments had made Kaplan into a very profitable business.

Graham [also] claimed ignorance about a Daily Caller report by Matthew Boyle that The Washington Post Company has received Obamacare Early Retiree Reinsurance Program funding of $573,217 in taxpayer subsidies. The money was said to be for health benefits for early retirees from the company. Hal S. Jones, senior vice president for finance and chief financial officer of The Washington Post Company, said he was aware of the report but couldn’t supply any details.

Taxpayers' subsidies for the complicit and compliant lapdog media spell the end of the fourth estate's pretense of independent journalism and the First Amendment as well.  This is but another of the federal government's Tony Soprano-type subsidies; the reason for them is to take control of the businesses.  The Post has traveled too far down the slippery slope of government subsidy and control to return to respectability.  It is now a self-censoring eunuch spewing Theftocrat propaganda on behalf of the progressives.

May your gods be with you. 

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